Words (back dated to 20th June)

I have a reckless way with words. I know where it comes from. Its the knowledge that life can be reckless. That knowing moment when it is all taken away from you.
I guess its something about having a kidney transplant and taking tablets and all this jazz. Today I shall be graduating. It has been a long struggle to get here certainly the long way to achieve it, but you know what, I have achieved it. I will be on that stage today and my parents will be proud. Its funny how you can go from one extreme to the other without really noticing. I mean in hindsight I can tell it was one extreme to the other but in the process of getting from there to here it isn't like I just suddenly woke up thinking wow I'm here. Know what I mean?>


I often forget that people talk even when I’m not around. Haha stoopid observation but true all the same. I love hearing that people find me interesting enough to want to find out more even when I'm not around... I don’t know.. blah blah. I guess it is nice to be talked about when it is positive.

So Death Cab For Cutie.

Manchester. Not London. I guess that’s a kind of important decision. I would have waited for London if it was on offer again. I did apply to win tickets but we shall see.


Blah cine. It is so hard to go to work knowing that your not a student anymore and the job, whilst still required to pay for things, is the only thing you have to look forward to. That isn't really the case as I have a million ideas that shall be pushed forward in the next wee while which should... Note should... Make some progress on the grand plan.

Roll on the adventures!


So so so... I guess I want to write a wee random text about where I'm at and all that jazz.

I have gone out at nearly every opportunity at the moment. You know its bad when you can recognise and talk to about 20 people in a club before having reached the bar. haha but I guess you only finish Art School once. I certainly earned this degree and the celebration that comes with it. Its actually crazy where I have came from to get this. Having had to drop out of school at 15 with no qualification because of my health. I then had a doctor tell me that I would have 2 weeks to live if they didn’t intervene. I spent the next two years costing through life. Not being able to take part fully and being attached to a dialysis machine nightly for 10 hours each day. Thinking back I cant believe I went through all that. The numerous operations and trips to the hospital. Medication that I will take for life. At one point I was taking 26 tablets a day, now thankfully I have only 9 a day. In the health scare time as I will now name this period I learned a lot about myself and the others around me. I discovered the amazing interest that the smallest things in life can give. The way you can turn your hand in the light. The way that chair sits next to the wall just so. All these things were highlighted when I was in this period. These little things still continue to amaze me now.

I had my first boyfriend, my first love. my first kiss, first rented flat and many more firsts in the time after getting my life back I got my life back when my mum changed my world. She gave me her kidney. This is crazy. Only a mother would be capable of saving her child in that way and only my mum is as amazing as to do that and support me all through out this time and the time that has passed since. I wouldn’t be the person I am today with out her literally at my side.

Today as I sit typing this I have a honours degree, my last appointment at the hospital gave me the best health results since 2004, I am living on Byres Road, Glasgow and I have the best bunch of friends. Its all a bit amazing.

I don’t have everything that I want, if I did, I would have no drive or ambition. But I am happy for the most part. I am enjoying this ride and cant wait to burst into the ‘real’ world with all the ideas that I have.

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