Stay Hungry. Stay Foolish


That is what I shall do. I shall stay hungry and stay foolish. I will take projects forward that are worth the effort and if they provide a hunger in me then I shall follow them. I will be intuitive and I shall find success. I will be happy and I will be learning. I will make you smile and I will be there for you when you are in need but trust me when I say that I will never give up on something I believe in.

Believe, even if foolish, is half the battle of success. The other is staying hungry.


Arghh... That is all that I have to say right now. Anything else would be either intangible or rude.

New site name and look

So, I have changed a few things as you might well know and yeah it looks better. I love the wee guy up the top. All very funky. Expect some more writing very soon.

I thought you should know...

I thought you should know. It isn't too much of a revelation but I guess I should say it all the same. I... I love you.

Yeah you. You there reading this right now. Its funny I mean I don’t even know you.. Well maybe I do but the way your eyes run over these words just like that. There. Did you see. Your eyes did it then. I like that. I guess, oh I don’t know it makes me feel viewed. Yeah viewed.

I love you

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