So travels from Larbert to Glasgow are getting a bit boring and they are expensive. Well I'm off through there now and I could do with out the hassle of waiting to get the last train. Boo. So yeah. I'm looking forward to moving back through as soon as possible. Roll on next month and that elusive job.


So I move home soon I have yet to pack and I am indeed not entirely looking forward to having to get the train through every shift I have in the cinema from now on in. boo... Anyway hopefully I shall save some money by staying at home and have more time to update things and make everything a tad more organised.

A clear out is in order. Seriously.


I got paid today, decided to go to Ireland with Michael randomly in September. My phone is sitting next to me with my passport underneath it. I'm listening to frightened rabbit and have been for the last few hours on repeat. I have work in an hour and a half and I could do anything before hand, I am infinite at this moment and I enjoy the adventures I have planned and the ones I have yet to discover. I am an artist, an adventurer and a business man all wrapped in one.

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