Observational encounters

He's sitting across from me with a woolen hat and a matching green
Nike bag which is clutched close to his lap. His feet making nervous
awkward movements back and forth as he eats his greggs cake from the
branded paper wrapper it came in. He's trying to avoid eye contact
with everyone including his own reflection as we pass through the dark
train tunnel. He's either typing or fiddleing with somehing behind his
green Nike bag. His feet move back and forth this time streching out
into the isle. His shoes look like they are from Burton, the brown
leather scuffed at the toe on each foot. Maybe he had a bad skid on
the ice, it is rather cold and snowy just now. We pull into lenzie

The door to the side opens and an old woman with grey hair in a bun
walks through. She's wearing a pink pokadot rain coat and has matching
pink flowers in her hair. She stumbles and slumps into a chair and
looks out to the foggy cold White of this winter day. He watches on
avoiding eye contact. Then opens his green bag. Rumaging through the
bag that still sits clutched on his lap. He pulls out a train ticket.
The conductor walks past checking tickets then walks by.

As he places his ticket back into his green nike bag he gets up and
waits at the door as we pull into Croy.

His seat sits empty.

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